Somaliguardian View on Khaire’s Fall: His Ouster Represents a Fillip for Many Hell-bent on Revenge

Somalia’s Hassan Ali Khaire has become the only serving prime minister to be ousted in less than 24 hours by a parliament majority vote of no-confidence bolstered by president Farmajo. The former prime minister was accused of failing to lead the country to a one person one vote election, but it is being questioned about the timing of the parliament move if that was the case and how it was kept secret until nail vote casted by MPs led to his fall.

The vote to remove the prime minister represents a fillip for the speaker of parliament and other politicians who were hell-bent on revenge for Khaire’s involvement in humiliating behaviors against them. Speaker of parliament Mohamed Mursal was put under house arrest in mid 2018 shortly after he was elected to office –primarily for taking a decision not authorized by country’s most powerful men Farmajo, Fahad Yasin and Khaire –who later brought him to his knees. No one was allowed to enter his home and he was about to starve.

Khaire did not know the same fate was waiting for him, but luckily knowing the harsh behavior of his brother-in-law and the Qatari agent who elevated him to office, Fahad Yasin –he chose not to stand against his ouster and instead accepted to leave office.

Both opposition and pro-government MPs at parliament united for his removal, but they were earlier paid to do so. A nail vote was forced to be casted to ensure that no one tries to come against the ouster of Khaire. Several of his ministers who are as well members of parliament tried their best to disrupt the vote –with some threatening they would use armed force, but they were overpowered.

The speaker of parliament later held a press conference in a poorly lit room inside the presidential palace in fear of attacks from Khaire supporters –where he conveyed accusations against the toppled government upon which the no-confidence vote was based.

What was so astonishing about the developments of the day was that president Farmajo accepted the parliament’s move within a few minutes, also pointing out that dispute between the pm and parliament was undermining achievements made, to swerve public attention from the internal wrangling between him and his brother-in-law.

President Farmajo was advised not to rush to elections by his Intelligence Chief and rather seek mandate extension as Somalia’s history teaches everyone that no president was elected to a second term whatsoever happens. The International Community also lobbies for new individuals to come to office to rinse out bad traces of previous leadership and make sure it was not attributed to governments which always remain unpopular –to arouse the hope of citizens that the new man ascending to the helm would bring about change.

For Farmajo and Fahad, extension of mandate to a further 2-3 years is necessary, unsheathing their sword against anyone that comes against their plan. The parliament speaker also promised MPs that terms of all executive and legislative branches would be extended using one person one vote election as a pretext.

Hours after the ouster of prime minister, Mahdi Guled, former Ethiopian Intelligence officer was appointed as caretaker in a move that was flagged as against the constitution, dozens of employees and government officials were dismissed in connection with the pm including Mogadishu’s police chief. The command of all the armed forces was brought under the Army Chief to avoid use of security forces by the outgoing prime minister. An internet shutdown was also imposed that lasted for more than 24 hours.

President Farmajo was angered by Khaire’s decision that timely elections would be held. According to FMS leaders, the president used all means available to avoid arriving at an agreement with them over holding timely elections, but he was bitterly opposed by Khaire. For the president, Khaire was honking the horn at his master and his reaction was too obvious to all, even Khaire knew no-confidence vote was looming on the horizon.

After ousting his prime minister in a swift, bloodless coup, Somalia’s Mr Cheese has a lot on his plate, choosing a prime minister that is as friendly and submissive as Khaire will be a tiresome task for him and his top advisor Fahad Yasin. It seems that he has work cut out with a new prime minister expected to be appointed within the next few days or weeks.

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